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Reflex by FOXP2




released December 21, 2016

FOXP2 is:
Josh Julian - Vocals, Guitar
Scott Stattmann - Bass

Written, recorded, and mixed by FOXP2



all rights reserved


FOXP2 Adelaide, Australia

Forkhead box P2 – or FOXP2, for short – is a gene required for proper development of speech and language regions of the human brain. The existence of the FOXP2 gene suggests that our human urge to communicate with one another is innate. FOXP2 is also a two-piece rock band from South Australia that explore their fascination with communication through music, a language in of itself. ... more

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Track Name: Reflex
Savouring the taste of saving our own skin,
It's a bitter pill to swallow,
Hollow hopes pulsing in our minds.
This burden fits like a glove.

A guillotine drops on that royal pride of yours,
Rigged Russian roulette with a loaded chamber for each six of your flaws,
And let the seventh be this gun.

And I'm holding on to a phantom rope,
To a lifeline made of smoke,
A lifeline when I'm reading flatlines from hope,
You keep me suspended when I know I'd rather choke.

Between wolves and a canyon,
The pressure turns your legs to lead,
It's torture to watch you twitch with the final reflexes of the dead,
Out of habit or instinct,
The pressure turns your heart to lead,
A knee-jerk reaction, a final reflex,
A final reflex of the dead.

Yet I'm forced to admit in this world I wouldn't walk if I could,
With these open windows that don't talk when they should,
That you, in all your beauty and all of your disgust,
Are all that I, all that I, all that I have left.

So do we part ways and let me sink to the ocean floor,
Or suffer here in silence once more,
I'll give you the option out of habit once more,
To pull the trigger, the trigger once more,

Speak to me the way you did when we were kids,
Oh, speak to me the way you did before,
You don't speak to me anymore,
And oh, I still remember you,
As all else blurs away, I can't forget,
I want to let you know, I need to tell you that,
You're all that I have left.